United World Citizens Mission Statement (work in progress)

'United World Citizens' is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting the concept and practice of humanitarianism to an ever widening audience through education and example with a particular emphasis on creative and effective use of the media and public relations campaigns.

There will be 5 branches of the United World Citizens. The plan is for the first 4 to eventually have their own staff and get their own grant money and work on projects more specific to that branch. To begin the United World Citizens I am focusing on the 5th branch which will be a membership organization which incorporates the concepts of the 4 other branches. Examples of club format/ideas to follow explanation of first 4 branches of United World Citizens

The primary branches of the United World Citizens will be:

1) Social Studies/Cultural Studies

2) Bridge Building

3) Humanitarianism/Volunteerism

4) Spreading the word to an ever widening audience

5) United World Citizens Clubs

Issues that still need to be addressed


7 Roberts Square, Bar Harbor, ME 04609